Indigo Group

Indigo Logo_2015 - Gray Circle (sans Dallas NY)Indigo: the color of wisdom. The color of the third eye chakra, providing perception beyond ordinary sight.

Capturing the talents and insight of our experienced professionals, we provide the vision beyond ordinary sight.

We focus on the development, management, and growth of entrepreneurial companies through our expertise and emphasis on principle and passion. We apply our legal understanding of key business matters and keen market knowledge to execute the company’s strategy and effectively balance risk considerations.

Through our legal background, we deliver the legal underpinnings necessary for personal and professional success.  And with our sister company, IF Motivated, we tap unique operational and marketing skills to launch or propel socially conscious businesses.

Whether launching a start-up, raising capital, seeking efficiencies in a merger or acquisition, or enhancing internal processes, knowledge is vital.  And, too often, businesses execute and implement decisions with blurred vision. With our comprehensive legal experiences, complimented by our entrepreneurial and business experience, we provide this visualization