Indigo Group, LLC and IF Motivated, LLC focus on the development, management, and growth of socially entrepreneurial  companies through its expertise and emphasis on principle and passion!

Indigo offers its expertise to its clients, providing strategic business advisory services, and IF Motivated employs its expertise to its portfolio companies.

Indigo clients and IF Motivated portfolio companies include start-up ventures and entrepreneurs, new and established hospitality chains and mature companies.  Our management and insight incorporate a comprehensive legal understanding of key business decisions along with keen market knowledge, allowing an effective balance of the company’s vision, execution and risk considerations.

Whether launching a start-up, raising capital, seeking efficiencies in a merger or acquisition, or enhancing internal processes, knowledge is vital.  And, too often, businesses execute and implement decisions with blurred vision; simply, the businesses fail to visualize the liabilities of its key decisions. With our comprehensive legal background, complimented by our entrepreneurial and business experience, we provide this visualization. We empower through education.