Indigo Group announces partnerhsip with Michael Irvin and the formation of IF Motivated, LLC

Indigo Group has expanded to incorporate IF Motivated, LLC – a partnership between Tom Foley and Michael Irvin aimed at launching  businesses focused on Tom and Michael’s shared passion: education.

A successful business must be guided by its principles and passion, not profit.  Do right, then do well.

Michael Irvin, three time Super Bowl champion wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and member of the NFL Football Hall of Fame, understands this and also recognizes that knowledge and continued learning are keys to success.  And, the right team is needed to achieve your goals.  With Michael joining Tom, the players are in position to identify strategic companies to join our portfolio, and offer IF Motivated the opportunity to introduce disruptive means to offer educational opportunities.

Tom is excited to have The Playmaker on the team, and begin to make the plays in the board room.